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Sacred Water, Water for Life is a call to action. It is an instruction manual. Sacred Water provides direction to regain an Indigenous state of health that incorporates spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of human reality. Sacred Water provides an Indigenous science solution strategy.   Sacred Water documents from a Western science perspective, contamination ofMother Earth caused by industrialization that for generations has been adverselyaffecting the Indigenous state of health.  Mercury, dioxin, polychlorinated bi? phenols, perfluorochemicals, pesticides, and other pollutants all contribute to thebody burden, and damage health.    This contamination now causes peril for all living beings on Mother Earth.  This timewas prophesied by Anishinaabeg spiritual leaders and is called the Seventh Fire. Spiritual leaders of the Three Fires Midewiwin Medicine Society and other spiritualleaders have contributed their wisdom and teachings in Sacred Water.  They speakof the Sacred Creation Story and the foundational values and principles given to theAnishinaabeg people by the Creator.  To respect all things plants, trees, stones,  animals and each other. We are all relatives.  We all have the same Mother. Sacred Water is stunningly beautiful in original art, photography and Indigenousdesign, and 19th Century Anishinaabeg beadwork.  Many chapters are inAnishinaabemowin and English.  An accompanying Teachers’ guide CD providesquestions for further thought, student projects, further reading, and websites forfurther research. Sacred Water is currently being used as a textbook in four Colleges and Universities:  Bemidji State University, White Earth Tribal and Community College, HumberInstitute of Higher Learning and Shingwauk University.

Sacred Water Teacher's Guide
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