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See the IWMI brochure on Mercury and Dioxin (8.3 MB)

A conversation with author Lea Foushee and First Person Radio hosts

Laura Waterman Wittstock and Richard LaFortune. Pertaining to NAWO history and Sacred Water: Water for Life, Mercury Bibliography

Mercury Facts and Notes

Federal Goverment Recommendation


Stop using skin lightening products containing mercury

Dental Material

Native American, Asian, and Pacific adult women exceed maximum recommended blood mercury

levels at three times the rate of all other ethnic groups (16.69% compared to 5.08%),according to this September, 2005 National Institutes of Health study.

For women who are or want to be pregnant and for children under the age of 15:

Minnesota Department of Health county by county data on Lakes for mercury and other toxicants.

Minnesota Department of Health county by county data on Rivers for mercury and other toxicants.

a safe eating guide is provided by the Minnesota Department of Health.

For men and women over the child bearing age, please see the Minnesota Department of Health website for further information.